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In Development


Book by Alani iLongwe

Music & Lyrics by Rowen Casey

Inspired by the events that transpired during the infamous Sanitation Workers Strike of 1968, AT THE RIVER I STAND follows an eclectic group of Negro musicians who travel to Memphis to produce a benefit concert in support of local workers in the throes of a racially charged labor dispute. As provocateurs threaten to tear the show apart, the performers struggle to overcome an increasingly hostile environment to raise donations for their cause. But as they near their financial goal, a traumatic event will irrevocably change their lives forever. To learn more about the project and its development history, click HERE.


Directed by Alani iLongwe

Written by Alani iLongwe and Jaquita Ta’le

DEAD DON’T SLEEP is a short form digital horror series about an orphaned young woman’s search for her biological family after unknowingly conjuring the soul of a dark entity. A modern take on the Mexican tale of La Llorona, our series follows MARISOL RODRIGUEZ, a brilliant young woman suffering from PTSD associated with a grave mistake from her past. Having grown up in the foster system, her recent engagement offers a chance for a family of her own.

After a romantic getaway, Marisol accidentally conjures a dark spirit that takes the form of her greatest shame — the woman whose child she killed after a horrific car accident. As Marisol travels to her fiancé’s childhood home, getting close to his family, she quickly discovers that the entity has bound itself to her. More shocking, is her discovery of a young woman who shares her connection to the entity.

Committed to discovering the identity of the presence and what it wants, Marisol’s search leads to a shocking discovery…the entity isn’t an evil spirit. She is the restless soul of her biological mother who was killed tragically when she was a child — a memory that has since been repressed. Furthermore, Marisol had a sister! A fraternal twin who witnessed her mother’s death alongside her. While season one ends with this revelation, the rest of the series will be dedicated to Marisol uncovering the identities of those responsible for taking her mother’s life, reconnecting with her biological sister, and seeking revenge so her mother can finally rest in peace.